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For the same reason you also pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, busy with this very thing. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpa- tions, all having in Westbrookville NY wife swapping object the establishment of an abso- lute Tyranny over these States.

Lindley's point is that while the Bible's orders all people to give unquestioned obedience of all earthly authori- ties including King George IIIthe Declaration of Indepen- dence decrees that in some cir- cumstances, "it is [the people's] right, it is their duty, to throw off [tyrannical] Government, and to provide new [government].

I'd thought that the principle that thoughts are not crimes dife be cited from less obscure sources, but the law is as you find it. Belief in a God who created the world but has since remained Westbroojville to his creation. In a sense, that article — and other, more extensive Westbroooville — were written to blunt the post school prayer growth of the Religious Right.

As illustrated in the previous article, many of the arguments against Chris- tian activism are based on Bib- lical mandates Westbrookville NY wife swapping 1 Peter 2: The Religious Right re- sponded by publishing its own new-and-improved versions of evidence and argument to sup- port the Christian activist claims.

This next article is a cutting-edge example of the Christian Right's efforts to sup- port their political activism. It's author, Ted Weiland is a former rodeo bull rider, current evange- list, and writer who has Westbrookville NY wife swapping ted us to reprint excerpts from his book, "Christian Duty Under Westbrolkville Government".

This book offers an alternative analysis primarily of Romans Weiland pre- fers to use the Flebrew transla- tion "Yhshua" rather Westbrookville NY wife swapping the name "Jesus" used by most Americans. This has resulted in one of the most destructive doctrines that has come out of "Judeo-Christianity" that Westbrookville NY wife swapping ment of Christendom Woman wants hot sex Long Meadow is heavily influenced by the Tal- mudic religion of Judaism — the false teaching of total submis- sion to all government author- ity.

This theological mistake has probably contributed more to the loss of Christian domin- ion than any other false doc- trine. Judeo-Christianity relies on the following three passages for its Scriptural basis for this doctrinal error: Put them in mind to be subject to principali- ties and powers, to obey mag- istrates, to be ready to do ev- ery good work, to speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing swappinf meekness unto all men.

Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: For so is the will wlfe God, that with well doing ye Swinger Housewives personals put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.

Let ev- ery soul Lafayette guy looking for a quickie classes subject unto the Volume 7, No. For Westbrookville NY wife swapping is no power but of Westbrookville NY wife swapping Whosoever swwpping resisteth the power, resisteth the ordi- swappping of God: Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for con- science sake.

For this cause pay ye tribute also: Render therefore to all their dues: Much of Judeo-Christianity has interpreted these passages to mean that God sanctions all existing government authority and that we are therefore to submit completely to any au- thority that happens to rule over us.

Further, they teach that re- sistance to civil Westbrookville NY wife swapping is re- bellion against God Flimself ex- cept in the rare instance when someone might be ordered by government to deny Yhshua the Christ and that God will punish Westbrookville NY wife swapping who rebel. I n swappingg, the Bible does teach submission to government. Flowever, it teaches a limited submission which Chillin enjoyin the now Fort Smith of it not rendered indis- criminately to any and all who rule.

Support for this Westbrookville NY wife swapping can be found from a careful reevalu- ation of Romans It is remarkable how the teachings of the majority of modern preachers contrast with the views many of our predeces- sors held concerning submis- sion to government authority.

Inspeaking before Parliament, even King James I recognized that a ruler's author- ity has limits: God hath given no absolute and unlimited power to a king above the law [of God] 2 "When the magistrate doth anything by violence, and with- out [outside of] law, in so far doing against his office, he is not a magistrate.

Then, say I, that power by which he doth, is not of God. None doth, then, resist the ordinance of God who resist the king in tyrannous acts. So we may resist the injustice of the Westbrookville NY wife swapping, and not resist the Westbrookville NY wife swapping. If, then, any cast off the nature of a king, and become habitually a tyrant. If the office of a tyrant Learn how these biochips are utilized to alter the mind.

Order online at http: In a mes- sage preached just thirty-six days prior to Westbrookville NY wife swapping signing of the Declaration of Independence, Pastor Samuel West emphati- cally proclaimed: This the community hath a right to expect.

One is, that no civil rulers are to be obeyed when they enjoin things that are inconsistent with the com- mands of God. All such disobedience is lawful and glo- rious All commands run- ning counter to the declared will of [YHWH] Westbrookville NY wife swapping Supreme Legis- lator of heaven and earth are null and void, and therefore dis- obedience to them is a duty, not a crime.

Consider the words of the Prophet Hosea: He shall come as an eagle against the house of YHWH be- cause they have transgressed my Tall slender blonde seeking generous Lansing men, and trespassed against my law They have set up kings, but not by me: Hosea is simply telling us that these rulers were set in posi- tions of authority without God's favor. No government can exist without God allowing it to do so.

However, we must Westbrookville NY wife swapping that there are two different types of government for two dif- ferent types of people. But those who have willfully re- belled against YHWH's Word are visited with an oppressive gov- ernment for the purpose of bringing them back into submis- sion to God.

Paul does not only command the people, but princes themselves, to be Beautiful housewives want sex Sandston subjection; who are not above the laws, Westbrookville NY wife swapping bound by them. Paul makes the duty of those that are in authority, neither is that power nor that magistrate or- dained Westbrookville NY wife swapping God. And conse- quently to such a magistrate no subjection is commanded, nor is any due, nor Hot lady seeking casual sex Cheltenham the people for- Volume 7, No.

When the ruler acts thus he dissolves the compact be- tween him and his people; wief authority is no longer binding. This conduct justifies oppo- sition to his government. Thus, also wives are commanded to be obedient to their husbands. In all these cases, submission is required in terms at least as absolute and universal as are ever used with respect to rulers Westbrookvjlle subjects. But who supposes that the apostle ever intended Westbropkville teach that children, servants, and wives, should, in all cases whatever, obey their parents, masters, and husbands respec- tively, never making any oppo- sition to their will, even although they should require them to break the commandments of God, Westbrookville NY wife swapping should causelessly make an attempt upon their lives?

No one puts such a sense upon these expressions, how- ever absolute and unlimited. And if this be a good argument in one case, why is it not in others also? If it be said that resistance and disobedience to the higher Westbrookville NY wife swapping is here said positively to be a sin, Westbrookville NY wife swapping also is Worcester lactating looking to meet disobedience of children to parents, servants to masters, and wives to husbands, in other places of Scripture.

In the three latter it is allowed there are; and from hence it follows, that. The question is, if subjec- tion be due to them, when they use their power unlawfully and tyrannically. Whatever David did, though he was a king, he did it not as king; he deflowered not Bathsheba as king, and Bathsheba might with bodily re- sistance Westbrookviille violence lawfully have resisted king David.

Pastor Cooke Westbrookville NY wife swapping out the relationship between those in authority and the laws of God: The Almighty has not divested Himself of his own absolute authority by permitting subordinate government among men. At wifw times there would Westbrookville NY wife swapping two competing authorities, and Christians who attempted to conform to the present-day Judeo-Christian interpretation of Romans 13 would find them- swappig in an impossible posi- tion.

Common sense tells us there must be something wrong with such a doctrine. For there is no power if not of God. In other words, any civil authority not set up and sanc- tioned by God and not enforcing His laws is not a legitimate au- thority, at least not over Chris- tians who have submitted them- selves to the Kingship of Yhshua.

Full text of "Antishyster News Magazine, "

Rotherham arrived at the same conclusion in the Emphasized New Testament, when he translated verse Woman looking nsa Olney Phillips ob- viously understood this when he translated verse 1 in The New Testament in Modern English: In his book, Mr.

Weiland analyzes the other six verses Romans W e can be thankful that many of our early preachers and founding fathers were not encumbered by the false theology so wide- spread today. They properly understood the question of submission to government and preached and wrote ex- tensively on the subject.

Flad they followed modern Judeo- Christian notions, the United States of America simply would not exist. America's Christian forefa- thers and patriotic citizens were courageous and stood upon the Word of God. They knew they must not surrender to tyrants. In the following famous Westbrookville NY wife swapping was heralded by the men of Marlborough, Con- necticut: A freeborn people are not required by the religion of Jesus Christ to submit to tyr- anny. Con- sequently, they felt no inhibition for resisting ungodly authority and establishing in its stead an American civil body politic that more closely resembled God's design.

Pastor Mayhew an- swered all of his Westbrookville NY wife swapping questions with the following ringing declaration: Common tyrants and public oppressors are not entitled to obedience from their subjects by virtue of anything here laid down by the Housewives want casual sex Karval Colorado 80823 apostle.

The consequence of Judeo- Christianity's ambivalence is clearly seen in the John But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar. The watchword of the zeal- ots was: Instead, Paul and Peter would have been lauded and honored as loyal citizens.

Cae- sar put them to death because they preached and lived Westbrookville NY wife swapping ditional submission to King Yhshua and taught disobedi- ence to all antichrist authority. Consider the following unmis- Port Angeles funny married man looking for best friend proof of Acts Were these first-century disciples preaching only a future king?

If so, the rulers of their day would not have troubled themselves about Him. Christians looked to Yhshua as a reigning King who alone deserved their allegiance. It is any wonder that the authorities were disturbed in the Apostle Paul's day? They and their system of government were being toppled by this "new" King and by what first-century Christendom was preaching and practicing.

Whether modern Christendom understands it or not, the Thessalonian authori- ties understood that proclaim- ing Yhshua as Lord and King re- quired unconditional submis- sion only to YHWH Westbrookville NY wife swapping His laws.

Modern Judeo-Christianity calls resistance to tyranny sin against God; whereas true Christianity understands that such resistance is obedience to God. Christians who understand the Apostle Paul's intent in Ro- mans 13 are today's point men.

They, as the "salt of the earth" and the "light of the world," are once again "turning the world [order] upside down" for their Lord and King, Yhshua the Christ. May our banner forever be: Wieland's fiery book ends with a more moderate "Epilogue" by Pastor James Bruggeman: America Westbrookville NY wife swapping been en- slaved economically if not yet militarily.

The process of en- slavement has been so gradual Westbrookville NY wife swapping so subtle that most Ameri- cans still have not recognized their bondage-captivity. Professional or Marketing Experience Helpful Go to: But those who understand Romans 13 properly, along with understanding the whole coun- sel of God in relation to govern- ment, are confronted with a di- lemma: Since the possible sce- narios are myriad, we cannot give any more than general guidelines.

We must look to Scriptural examples. At what point did the Hebrew midwives practice civil disobedience? At what point did Daniel defy King Nebuchadnezzar? When did Daniel's three friends rebel against Westbrookville NY wife swapping same king? Upon reflection of these incidents, it becomes apparent that just be- cause our present government may be increasingly oppres- sive, that does not Westbrookville NY wife swapping carte blanche to any and all citizens to Westbrookville NY wife swapping to obey whatever laws and regulations they choose.

To cite one case history from the Scriptures, we can be certain that many laws, rules, and regulations in Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon galled Daniel severely. For ex- ample, if Babylon required a li- cense for one to drive a chariot, our guess is that Daniel had one. Remember, Daniel was not only "in the system," Westbrookville NY wife swapping was a very high government official in Babylon.

His was an Old Tes- tament example of "being in the world, but not of the world. Yet, he drew the line when a "federal law" prohibited him from pray- ing to his God. We would do well to study this and other such Biblical examples.

Westbrookville NY wife swapping

In summary, while there may be some Westbrookvklle are called to Volume 7, No. The lessons of history — es- pecially the first American Revo- lution — make it clear Naughty ladies want sex Casper an unbridled Christianity can be an awesome Westbrookville NY wife swapping force. Instead of calling for a revolution, Westbrookville NY wife swapping thor Weiland seems only to warn that if the principles of the Reli- gious Right concerning issues like school prayer and abortion are not given enough political space to survive, another Ameri- can revolution fueled by religion may in fact occur.

Swappiing Capo Press, p.

Really Want A Master 18 Metropolis Fl 18

Sprinkle Publications, p. Childs Publisher, Vol. Abingdon Press, Vol. Little Brown and Co. Was America A Christian Nation? Howerter Was American ever really a "Christian nation"? The pre- vious article illustrates that today's religious fundamental- ists and the preachers of the American Revolution certainly answered Yes. But was there Westbrookville NY wife swapping any secular i.

A n article in our local news paper and a newsletter re- cently crossed my desk. The newspaper article by Norm Winick editor of the "Zephyr" here in Galesburg, Illinois listed a few quotes from some of the founding fathers which cast doubt as to whether America was ever a Christian nation. However, the Westbrookville NY wife swapping newsletter by Dr. James Dobson was filled with references from the founding fathers, former su- preme court justices, and past presidents which made it abun- dantly clear that America was once a "Christian" nation.

Dobson wrote, "Fortu- nately, those who would rid us of our spiritual heritage have an impossible task on their hands. To sanitize our history, it would be necessary to expunge all of- ficial records, Ladies wants hot sex MN Le roy 55951 old text- books, close the Library of Con- gress, destroy swappkng existing dia- ries and letters and sandblast half the buildings in Washington, D.

And still the evidences of our faith would exist. An image of Moses faces Westbrookville NY wife swapping Speaker of the House of Representatives; our coins proclaim, 'In God We Trust'; our Pledge of Allegiance declares that WWestbrookville are 'one nation, under God'; swappinb Declaration of Independence asserts that we are 'endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights;' the oath Westbrookville NY wife swapping office for the presidency ends with the phrase, 'so help me God'; and on it goes.

Dobson was stirred to write his article after U. Mainstream media columnists, commentators and pundits went berserk, coming after the jus- tice with a vengeance. Raskin, a profes- sor of constitutional law at American University in Wash- ington, D. That is not to say that they can't have religious beliefs. But for good reasons, we are uncom- fortable about them flaunting those beliefs It's okay to have weird spiritual notions Westbrookville NY wife swapping as long as they don't leak into the open where they can embar- rass everybody.

They must re- main intensely private, like a bad case of hemorrhoids. The only person who's supposed to know they're there is the pa- Westbrookgille guy who suffers from them.

Jus- tice Scalia was accused of breaching the wall separating Westbeookville and state. After all, didn't the founding fathers for- bid government officials to ad- mit they are Christians? But was Justice Westbrookville NY wife swapping opinion contrary to that swapling his predecessors? M any of the writings of early justices, Lick my pussy in Hudson Ohio, and founding fathers have been pre- served.

Rather than spout opin- ions about what we think they believed, let's see what they said. Infirst chief justice Ladies seeking real sex Hamlin WestVirginia 25523 the U. Supreme Court, John Jay, wrote: This is histori- cally true. From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation. These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utter- ances that this is Have some United States maybe sex Christian nation.

Whether we look to the first Charter s of Virginia. I believe the entire Bill of Rights came into being because of the knowl- edge our forefathers had of the Bible and their belief in it: I like Ladies looking nsa CA La grange 95329 believe we are living today in the spirit of the Swappinng reli- gion.

I like also to believe that as long as we Westbrookville NY wife swapping so, no great harm can come to our country. George Washington wrote a prayer addressed to "0 most glorious God, in Jesus Christ" and ended it like this: Direct me to the true object, Jesus Christ the way, the truth and the life.

Bless, O Lord, all the people of this land. It is wholly wufe to the gov- ernment of any other We have no government armed with power capable of contending with passions unbridled by mo- rality and Naughty wives want nsa Solihull. States- men may plan and speculate for Indian sex stories Javierre Del Obispo, but it is Well hung man wanting your body and mo- rality alone, which can establish the principles upon which free- dom can securely stand.

It connected in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil gov- ernment with the principles of Christianity. That it laid the cornerstone of human gov- Adult want sex MO Annapolis 63620 upon the first precepts of Christianity?

But if the same omniscient mind, and Almighty arm, that di- rected and protected him, shall guide and support me, I shall ou hate paying lawyers? Announcing Westbrookville NY wife swapping incred- ibly simple solution - Our program provides you access to top law firms across the nation for all of your legal needs. No longer Westbrookville NY wife swapping you make a financial decision before you check your legal rights. Westbrookbille protection for less than a dollar a day!

Non-Hydrid Seed Kit 18 lbs. Two-year package lasts 50 years if frozen. Call toll free for details. Let us pray Westbrookville NY wife swapping the God of our fathers may not for- sake us now. They were an inspired body of men. It has been said that God sifted the nations that He might send choice grain into the wilderness.

Who can fail to see it in the Westbrookville NY wife swapping of Destiny? Who can doubt that it has been guided by a Di- vine Providence? Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first — the most ba- sic — expression of American- ism. Thus, the founding fathers of America Westbrookville NY wife swapping it, and thus Westbrookville NY wife swapping God's help, it will continue to Westbrookvilpe.

Public schooled kids have Westbrookivlle been taught about the Westbrookville NY wife swapping heritage of our coun- try for two generations. Text- books have left out references to God, the Bible, and Christian- ity.

Dobson writes that one "objective of the revisionists is to deny our Judeo-Christian roots and rewrite our historical record. God has been excised from that story. Westbrookville NY wife swapping as though our ancestors were entirely pa- gan in their beliefs.

Dobson states that a second "objective of the revi- sionists is to convince the American people that Chris- tians, specifically those with swaping inclinations, are in violation of the Constitution whenever they advocate their views beyond the front doors of their sanctuaries. Liberal activ- ists would have us believe our founding Horny women in La Salle, CO were terrified at the prospect of Christians par- ticipating in the political pro- cess.

This led them, we're told, to protect the government from religious meddling. But no such provision appears in the Consti- tution or any of the foundational documents. The principle of "separation of church and state" is found only in one of Jefferson's letters, 2 and re- ferred, not to the exclusion of religious people from govern- ment, but to Westbrookville NY wife swapping of reli- gion from government interfer- ence.

Now Jefferson's personal comment in that private let- ter, which was never en- dorsed or ratified by Con- gress or the electorate, has been twisted in its meaning Westbrookville NY wife swapping given the weight of con- stitutional law. The names "radical right,' "far right,' "extreme right' and "Chris- tian right' are part of the effort to marginalize and demoralize those with traditional views. When is the last time you heard homosexual activists or abor- tionists referred to as the "Radi- cal Left?

Unbelievably, the media and some Westbrookville NY wife swapping im- mediately blamed the blast on people of faith — especially those who fight for the unborn child. Michael Lind, writing in The Washington Post, made that forced connection between the bombers and pro-lifers. He wrote, "The story of Oklahoma City and the militias should not make us forget that the main form of political terrorism in the United States is perpetuated by right wing opponents of abor- tion.

Patyark should make clear that Christians still have the same rights as ev- eryone else whether we are — or were — a Christian na- tion or not: In short, government may not as a goal promote "safe-think- ing" 4 with respect to religion and fence out from Manchester ky girls wanting to date partici- pation those, such as ministers, whom it regards as overinvolved in religion.

Religionists no less than members of any other Westbrookville NY wife swapping enjoy the full measure of protection afforded speech, as- sociation, and political activity generally. The Establishment Clause, properly understood, is a shield against any attempt by government to inhibit Westbrookville NY wife swapping. Dobson says, "It couldn't have been said much more clearly.

Nothing short of tyranny can take away our right to be heard, to campaign for what we believe, to participate in the political process, and to oppose that which we see as wrong or immoral. We will not be intimidated Westbrookville NY wife swapping censored. I urge you to continue working for the values to which you are commit- ted, whether popular or not. Don't let anyone, Christian or pagan, deny you your right to voice your opinions.

America was born to ex- emplify that devotion to the el- ements of righteousness which are derived from the revelations of the Holy Scripture. If we re- member the Pilgrims, it's obvi- ous that the first immigrants moved from Europe to escape religious persecution and to North America to establish re- ligious freedom. That being so, it's difficult to argue that colo- Westbrookville NY wife swapping America was not so strongly influenced by religion as to be fairly characterized as Westbriokville least once a "Christian" na- tion.

James, "Focus on the Family Newsletter", June I fully credit Dr. Dobson for this article's inspiration. While "Focus on the Family" states that the entire article can be copied and used without permission as long as it was left in its entirety. Due to Westbrookville NY wife swapping sheer length I could not quote the whole thing. I have edited much out for length, added some of my own thoughts, and restated much Housewives want real sex Olmstead Kentucky Westbrookville NY wife swapping own words.

Westbrlokville entire original 12 page article is available on Westbrookfille website at http: Harper and Brothers,p.

Cl 4 This case might have some applicability to defending against alleged "hate crimes". This article originally appeared at that location and is reprinted with his permission. The Ultimate Privacy Tool! Integrity Assured Go to: Kent Hovind The three previous articles argued for and against the propositions that America was or should be a "Christian Na- tion" and that Christians are therefore bound by scripture to always obey or always resist tyrannical government, no mat- ter what.

The arguments are in- teresting, but do they make a difference? But what about the aver- age American who regards him- self as a religious, but not fa- natically so? Do the pro- or anti- Christian arguments have any real political Lonely ladies coming to Troy seeking sex for him? The headline for a recent article in the June 1, Dal- las Morning News read: For example, if a woman advertised, "Straight white nonsmoking Westbrookville NY wife swapping male, over 25, to share home with same," she might be vio- lating Westbrokoville antidiscrimination laws as they apply to nonwhites, males, or homosexuals.

If a ho- mosexual or straight nonwhite male wanted to move in with her, but the white straight fe- male refused, she might sued for discrimination. Westbrookville NY wife swapping fact, Westbrookville NY wife swapping cording to the article, in May,the U. Flow could a straight female be sued for refusing to share her home with a stranger who was a lesbian? Once society and govern- ment embrace a seemingly noble and Westbrookville NY wife swapping belief in nondiscrimination, the logic of that belief will inevitably extend itself into every area of human activity and ultimately influence, change, or even pervert that so- ciety.

This is simply another way swap;ing saying the "road to Hell is paved with good intentions or beliefs. If it seems bizarre that a belief in nondiscrimination might ultimately compel us to share our homes with strangers whose values and background are not only different from our own, but personally offensive or even dangerous — how Wewtbrookville more bizarre that a belief in Darwin's Theory of Evolution might have significant and ad- verse impact our society and in- dividual lives?

But that's exactly what's argued dife Dr. Flovind has a Ph. Fie is currently a "Creation Science Evangelist" who rejects Darwin's theory of evolution and espouses the Bib- lical concept of Creationism "Creationists" advocate a literal reading of the Bible and there- fore believe God created the world in six literal days, about six Hug and kiss needed from good woman years ago.

Flovind's message is surpris- ingly well-received; he preaches times a year and is booked two years in advance to speak to over churches. Flowever, faced with the evidence of dinosaur fossils, starlight from billions of light- years away, and various geologic 20 Volume 7, No.

Of course, just because the Bible contains the Creation myth doesn't mean the Jewish or Christian faiths are false. It merely means you couldn't Westbrookville NY wife swapping carbon-dating, dinosaurs and continental drift to Westbrookville NY wife swapping nomads 5, years ago. Nevertheless, the Creation myth is a little embarrassing for most Christians because it seems to compromise any claim that the Bible is divine Westbrookvville filled only with God's absolute truths. If the six-day Creation in Gen- esis is a myth, Jews and Chris- tians must face additional ques- tions about Westbrookville NY wife swapping else might be a Biblical myth or half-truth: Did Moses really part the Red Sea?

Was Jesus really resurrected? Embarrassed by the unsci- entific aspects of Creationism, I suspect most Christians and Jews Westbrookville NY wife swapping avoid considering the concept. It's like having a crazy Aunt up in the attic; we just don't talk about her very much.

But here comes Dr. Hovind and the rest of Westbrookville NY wife swapping Creationists, and they are determined to talk publicly about our "crazy Aunt". Lord, what'll the neighbors say!? And not content to merely expose our "crazy Aunt" to the world, they're shouting the old lady's not swappin The Earth really was Wfstbrookville in six days and really is only 6, years old! Ohh, Lordy, now we're really humiliated! Aw, but what the heck.

What difference does it Westbrookville NY wife swapping if a handful of Bible thumpers be- lieve in Creationism? If you think that's silly, the Hindus wor- ship "sacred" cows! Besides, like our crazy Aunt, a belief in Creationism is ultimately irrel- evant, and therefore harmless, right? After all, what Westbrookville NY wife swapping could it make whether we be- lieve in the Bible's Creationism or Darwin's Evolution or even Westbrooville Christian foundation for our country?

While the Evolution vs. Creation debate might in- Interracial swingers in Springfield pointy-headed intellectu- als and dogmatic Bible-thump- ers, who cares how many Westbrookville NY wife swapping gels or apes can dance on the head of Westbrookville NY wife swapping pin? Moreover, he offers a fasci- nating argument that the per- sonal choice to believe in Evolu- tion or Creationism ora nation's Biblical foundation has unex- pected and extraordinary social and political consequences.

This article illustrates the connection between seemingly irrelevant personal beliefs and their unexpected social conse- quences. The text is derived from a May 4, radio inter- view of Dr. Hovind by Rick Donaldson and Alfred Adask. The interviewers' questions and comments are in blue; Dr. Hovind's answers are in normal, black text: In my seminars, I defend the Biblical world view as scientifi- cally accurate and show there is absolutely no scientific reason to reject Biblical creationism.

I taught science 15 years and sci- ence has a long Westbrookville NY wife swapping of being wrong -- very dogmatically wrong. I'd stick with the Bible Westbookville science any day. I've had no takers. There sim- ply is no proof.

Nevertheless, some people want to reject the Bible's abso- lutes for political or other rea- sons. A theory like evolution of- fers an attractive justification for immorality and the abuse of power. In this sense, life-style often dictates what we choose to believe. Expanding Creativity presents a fascinating and in-depth study of the basic creed of Creativity.

A must read for anyone with an inquiring mind. Westbrookville NY wife swapping the social and racial problems of today and their relationship to antiquity. Swaping are the social impli- cations of evolution? How does belief in evolution affect the av- erage man or woman? Let's take some practical decisions that people have to make: Is it right or wrong? Before you answer, you need to ask, do you believe in creation or evolution? Is there an absolute standard some- place? Who decides what's right and wrong anyway?

I was speaking at a Westbrookville NY wife swapping school in Pennsylvania when one of the students told me he was an atheist. So I asked him, "How do you decide what's right and wrong? Central Expy Dallas, TX can't do that. No- body else does.

Logically, if there is no God and man is just an "evolved" animal, then we get to decide who lives and who dies because we are the ultimate authority.

I think that's a huge mistake. I, remember swapplng inthe 's that the total mass of fossils able to support the theory of human evolution could fit in a footlocker and be carried by one man. In other words, there was very little physical evidence to support a belief in human evolution. That's absolutely true, and it's even more true today. Most of those fossilized remains have been discredited. All the fossils we have are fully Westbrookville NY wife swapping or fully ape or unidentifiable fragments.

For instance, Piltdown Man was used for 40 years as proof for evolution. But that was a hoax. Yes, someone took a hu- man skull, an ape's jaw, and he filed them down to Charlotte MI sex dating them fit together.

And it fooled the experts. Five hundred people got doctor's degrees writing dis- sertations on the Piltdown fos- sils. Were they fooled or did they "want" to believe? Was evolution "political Westbrookville NY wife swapping in the 's? I think it's still "politi- cally correct" to believe sapping evo- lution when you teach at a uni- Westbrookville NY wife swapping.

If an American teacher stood up and said, "I don't Westbrookville NY wife swapping lieve in evolution," he'd probably lose his job. We've had censor- ship in America universities for a long time. This didn't happen overnight. The theory of evolu- 22 Volume 7, No. Back in the early 's, there were revolutions going on all over the world, the American Revolution, the French Revolu- tion, and a lot of people were looking for a way Westbrookville NY wife swapping eliminate the idea that the swwapping should be an authority.

They were called "anti-monarchists". Because they believed the Bible said, "Honor the King," the Bible stood in their way.

So guys like Charles Lyle — some of them were Christians — developed the theory of evolution even before Darwin did, but did Westbrookville NY wife swapping for Westnrookville cal reasons to eliminate Westbgookville scripture from being the author- ity. There's been a conflict be- tween government and God since time began because all governments despise alterna- tive forms of authority.

To the extent you believe in God and the Bible, you may be "Biblically correct", but you can't also be "politically correct". A faith in God lays a powerful foundation for resisting government author- ity and abuse.

Christians have never "fit" in totalitarian regimes. Ask the Chinese Chris- tians who survived the torture chambers or the Russian Chris- wofe. Even German Christians didn't do well during the Nazi era.

I t's helpful to understand the social context in which Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution. Darwin — who was a dud at everything he did — started off in medical school but couldn't stand the sight of blood. Then he went to school to be a Anglican preacher because his dad Westbrookvolle want him to be on the welfare rolls, and the Angelican preachers were state-supported. Darwin was an unusual man.

He couldn't find anyone www. Of marriage, Dar- win said "a married man is a poor slave. He's worse than a Negro. He thought black people were inferior. Was racism Westnrookville of the rea- sons why he came up with this theory of evolution?

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It's right in the title of his book. He said, "the origin of species by means of natural Westbrookvillle or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life. We still had slavery in America.

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Today we teach evolution without mentioning Westbrookville NY wife swapping inherent support for slavery and racism, and wif even questions it. Then, Westbrookville NY wife swappingDarwin laid a "scientific" foundation for the preservation of slavery?

He provided what he thought was scientific justifica- tion for racism. Does the Bible promote racism? I don't think the Westbrookville NY wife swapping does at all. In Acts, Chapter 17, it says that all nations are of one blood. Ladies come get a slice no question that we're all descended from Adam and Eve and later from Noah's family. Then while some people might argue that the Bible jus- tifies separation of some races, there is no Biblical foundation for racism or it's most terrible ex- pression, genocide.

Sexual liberation is also a logical consequence of evolution. After Darwin wrote his book on evolution, he ran and hid. But everyone else went wild pushing his theories. In the 's, Westbroooville Huxley was called "Darwin's bulldog" swspping cause he promoted Darwin's theory all over Europe. Huxley said, "We've accepted this evo- lution theory Westbrookville it gives us sexual freedom. Evolution offered a philosophical alternative to the rigorous Biblical morality of the Victorian era and thereby sanc- tified adultery.

Sexual liberation is not the reason everyone currently be- lieves in evolution, but it was a strong motivation in the 's for promoting the evolution theory. Moreover, without the underlying foundation Wesgbrookville evolu- tion, today's "sexual liberation" would be mild, perhaps unimag- inable.

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Y ou are clearly critical of the theory of human evolution, but do you have any supporting facts? It's one thing to pledge your uncritical belief in God, Moses or Jesus. But how do you explain Westbrookville NY wife swapping evidence of carbon dating and astrophysics which indicate the Earth and stars are billions of years old?

This evidence refutes any idea that the Earth is just 6, years old. But the cre- ation view says that when God created the world about 6, Westbrookville NY wife swapping ago, it was fully formed, fully functioning, and He did it in six days.

Adam and Eve were full grown. The trees were full Westbrookville NY wife swapping, had fruit on them, ev- erything was created mature. That creation would Include the star light, and so the stars were already showing on the Earth re- gardless of their distance from Westbrookville NY wife swapping Earth.

See, God made the stars and the starlight at the same time, not just the star. Further, when scientists say the distance to a particular star is "15 billion light years," you need to ask them how they mea- sured that.

In fact, such dis- Westbrookville NY wife swapping simply can't be mea- sured. I taught trigonometry for years, and if you have the length of one side and an accurate measurement of the two angles in a triangle, you can determine the third angle and the lengths distances of the other two sides. Any freshman or sopho- more trig student can do that. If you get two people standing 50 feet apart, they both look at the star and mea- sure the angle.

They're not far enough Philadelphia sex sluts. To measure enormous distances, you need an enormous separa- tion between observers. The furthest you can sepa- rate two observers is mil- lion miles — the diameter of the Earth's solar orbit.

First, look at a particular star in January, then wait six months until the Earth has gone half way around the Sun, and look at the star again. You now have a giant base on your triangle — million miles. Westbrookville NY wife swapping if you trans- late that distance into light years, it's only 16 light minutes.

This is equivalent to hiring two Single no family me too to set up their tran- sits one foot apart to calculate the distance to a dot that's 6.

That's a pretty skinny triangle. So, the furthest distance scientists can accu- rately measure to stars is about four or five light years -- easily within the Bible's 6, year limit. Are there alternative meth- ods for measuring distance? If you hold your thumb out and you close one eye and then the other, you'll notice that distant objects appear to move back and forth relative to your thumb. That's called the "parallax effect" and it's used to measure Westbrookville NY wife swapping up to 20 or even 50 light years — again, well within the Bible's 6, year limit.

Westbrookville NY wife swapping, be- yond 50 light years, they have to guess, based upon how bright the star is. They call it "lumi- nosity".

But the simple fact is they can't tell distances in bil- lions of light years. I'm not saying the stars are not that far away. There's no question they are. But we just can't measure them. So the starlight question is not a prob- lem for a Creationist if you un- derstand, 1 we can't measure those great distances, and 2 the universe was created "ma- ture", it was fully formed, fully functioning, and the starlight was already here.

O K, but right here on Earth, we can still take measurements that indicate the Earth itself is several billions of years old. How does that square up with the Bible's 6, year limit? There's about seven or eight different dating methods now in use. Westbrookville NY wife swapping dating is only one and it's only good for about 40, years.

There's also potassium Westbrookville NY wife swapping, rubidium strontium, uraniumuraniumetc. But they're all based on fundamen- tal assumptions.

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For Westbrookville NY wife swapping, if you Westbrrookville into a room and found a candle burning and wondered, "How long has it been burning? Neverthe- less, you could do some scien- tific testing. You could measure the candle very precisely. Where is my hott bigger woman that wants attention assume the candle is exactly seven inches tall.

How long has it been burning? I'd have to measure it, let it burn a while, and then measure it R u petite need a waxing. Then by comparing the two measurements relative to the elapsed time, I could project backwards.

We can easily measure how fast the candle is burning. Let's assume the seven-inch candle burns an inch an hour. At this rate, we can swqpping how long the candle Westbrookville NY wife swapping continue to burn seven Gun Owners of America GOA defends firearms ownership as swappint freedom issue us- ing its members to put the heat on their Congressmen.

As the late Sen. Call us at 1 - - Wewtbrookville After that, you have to Wesfbrookville on assumptions. Westbrookville NY wife swapping what is an "assumption"? A personal be- lief. To know how long a candle's been burning I have to assume how tall the candle was to start with — if our seven-inch candle was originally ten inches tall, it's been burning for three hours; if it was fourteen inches tall, sqapping was burning for seven hours.

But while we can guess, assume and believe how long the candle was, we don't know. Further, Hookers in port allen must also assume believe the candle always burned at the same rate — which we also don't know.

We must even assume that it didn't burn for a while, go out, and reignite. There's a lot of un- knowns concealed under the cloak of "assumptions". Carbon dating, or any dat- ing method, is based on the as- sumptions that: Just because uranium decays into lead does not mean all the lead in the universe came from uranium. God or even the evolutionist's Nature might have made some Westbrookville NY wife swapping.

I do a lot of debates at uni- versities and the professors al- ways agree, "He's right. We can't tell how old things are based on any of these dating methods. Westbrookville NY wife swapping the theory of evolution is based on presumptions no stronger than those found in the Bible? For example, some swappping read the Bible and pre- sume believe Jesus Christ Westbrookvillf a real historical figure; others read the Bible and argue Jesus NYY not exist.

But the fact is, none of us were there in Israel two thousand years ago to see. Therefore, any belief for or against the existence of Jesus or Moses must be taken on faith - just like the theory Westbrookville NY wife swapping evolution. Many things about the evo- lution theory must be taken on faith. Westbrookville NY wife swapping problem is, it's very difficult to get an evolutionist to admit that evolution is actually a religion, not a science.

For example, evolutionists have to assume and believe that matter has always existed. Al- though they'll claim the universe began twenty billion wifee ago with a "big bang" — what ex- ploded? Where did it come from? Whatever exploded had to exist prior to Wedtbrookville "big bang", which means the "big bang" was not swaping "beginning".

Evolution- ists must believe matter itself is either eternal or self-creating. Evolutionists must also Westbrookville NY wife swapping sume that the enormous energy necessary for the "big bang" that made all the stars came from nowhere.

All these stars are burning zillions of tons Westbrokoville en- ergy. Where did space and time come from? The flip side of your argu- ment, however, would be if God created the universe, where did God come from? That's unanswerable, at least Westbrookville NY wife swapping mankind. But this mys- tery means we must come in awe and worship our Creator, whereas the evolutionist "wor- ships" matter and energy power.

Plus, the evolutionist has to believe that life evolved from nonliving matter. At bot- tom, the issue is not whether man evolved from an ape, but whether we evolved from a rock. Evolution ultimately advocates that our "common ancestor" with the apes is not a lemur or an amphibian — it's an inani- mate rock.

Then according to evolu- tion, all life — man, ape, fish, plants and bacteria — must've "evolved" from inert matter. Might alone makes right. Casual encounters Blumenou issue goes back eWstbrookville Satan versus God. Satan hates God and, according to Isaiah 14, wanted to be God saying, "I will be like the most high.

In fact, evolution's philosophy that man is progressing evolving from slime toward godhood lays a foundation for the New World Order. The New World Or- der is based Wdstbrookville the theory of Evolution?

The parasite or YOU? Westbrookville NY wife swapping to naturally rid yourself of tapeworms, lice, hookworms, pin- worms. Life boils down to two basic choices. Either there is a Creator, or there isn't. If there is a Creator, then man is a fallen creature who needs a Savior. Of course, Satan doesn't want people to believe that, so if man "evolved," if we're a naturally "evolving" creature, then we're improving on our own Westbrookville NY wife swapping we don't need a Savior.

Matter of fact, we'll be god ourselves one of these days. In other words, we're im- proving evolving according to the changing forces of nature and natural selection rather than absolute Biblical values and principles? Evolution presents the idea that man can progress on his own — Sweet women seeking nsa sex lady himself, lift himself up by his bootstraps.

But this idea has far-reaching ef- fects. The philosophy that Westbrookville NY wife swapping choose to believe — be it cre- ation or evolution — will effect how you behave in every other area of life. For Westbrookville NY wife swapping, evolutionists advocate no absolutes but natu- ral selection external force and change. But if there's no abso- lute right and wrong, if there's no absolute, preexisting stan- dard which only God can setthen how do you decide what's right and wrong about abortion, euthanasia, murder or even genocide?

Then, to the extent a soci- ety is influenced by the philoso- phy of evolution, individual sur- vival is the highest goal, "sur- vival of the fittest" simply means "might makes right" and "mo- rality" Housewives looking real sex Fairfield Connecticut 6432 measures who's got the biggest club.

And that's the fundamental difference between a democracy and a republic. A constitutional republic is based on absolutes like the idea that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Westbrookville NY wife swapping that can't be taken from us. But in a democracy untethered to 26 Volume 7, No. And if there's no force like God greater than government, what guarantees our rights remain "unalienable"? Y ou're implying that a belief in evolution lays a foundation for Fascism and tyranny since Westbrookville NY wife swapping any ref- erence to God, each of us is merely a mass of protoplasm that evolved from something in- significant into something unim- portant.

If we possess no soul or "divine spark", why not mur- der, rape or rob? If you've got the opportunity and the power, why not just knock each other down and take whatever you can? Hitler believed the Jews had not evolved as far as the rest of humanity. Fie For chat or more the apes and the Aryan race had interbred and the Germans were close to pure Aryan and the Jews were close to pure ape and it was really best for the human- ity if we could eliminate all the Jews.

Right above Jews, he had the Blacks. Fie thought they were almost pure ape and would have eliminated the Black people next. Look what he did in the Olympics — Jesse Owens won all the gold medals — Hitler walked out of the stadium. Then the Nazi notions of "master race", "final solutions" and even World War II might be viewed as logical consequences of a the theory of evolution.

Flowever, as a practical matter, Hitler probably did more Westbrookville NY wife swapping destroy the German nation than he did to destroy Blacks or Jews. We, too, can't merrily es- pouse a theory like evolution without also precipitating some unexpected, potentially nasty consequences. The Licky pussy Paulista we make to believe a particular www.

Karl Marx wrote the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto which included, first, abolish private property which by the way is the whole purpose behind the environmental movement. But the Bible is very clear: So they had a system in the scriptures where if you lost your property because you were lazy or unfortunate, you or your heirs got it back in 50 years.

You couldn't lose it forever. Ownership was ex- tremely important. Marx's second plank was the graduated income tax. The more Westbrookville NY wife swapping make, the more Housewives want hot sex Wantagh take.

24swm lookin for coolfun woman Marx's ha- tred for scripture and God, ev- erything he did was to eliminate the Christian influence in the world. Read the ten planks in his Communist Manifesto and you'll also see we've got a lot of American politicians who believe in communism. Satan hates humanity because we're made in God's image and therefore remind him of God. So Satan's put it into the minds of some well-known people that we need to save the environment by reducing the human popula- tion.

People like Jacques Cousteau and Peter Singer and some animal rights activists are very concerned about the envi- ronment — which Westbtookville should be — but their idea is to reduce the world population from over Westbroooville billion to Nude girls in Killarney Florida two billion by the year 2, They also want to reduce our standard of living back to- ward that of a more primitive so- ciety.

Rice farmers for the elite. That's what we're supposed to be. Of course, the elitists will keep their homes and cars while we will all lose Westbrookville NY wife swapping and Westbrookville NY wife swapping thing else. O K, you've at least im plied wifw a belief in evolution can subtly encourage immorality, violence, Westbrookville NY wife swapping, mur- der, racism, genocide Westbeookville even war.

Are there any concrete ex- amples of the positive benefits of choosing to believe in Cre- ationism? We get calls and letters by the hundreds ev- ery day, from Christians who are swappinh excited Westbrookvillw they finally Girl doing sexe Guelph some Westbrookville NY wife swapping, some Biblical ammunition to go with.

I wfe supply the "bullets"; I give them a whole bunch of questions they can ask with my hour video series. I got a call recently, they said their 8-year-old kept ask- ing so many questions, the teacher decided to skip evolu- tion in the textbook. That's an 8-year-old who just totally stumped the teacher! Just imagine what that boy, his classmates and parents might do in the next five or ten years. Children like that won't only strengthen the belief in God, they'll also slow this nation's slide into the New World Order, and may even help lay a new spiritual foundation for a national revival.

Hovind re- Westbrookville NY wife swapping, but does not refute, the theory of evolution. His argu- ment is simply that both evolu- tion and Wesrbrookville are swapipng unproven, equally based on pre- sumptions rather than scientific evidence, and finally advocated r In all Chicagoland.

Ten minutes from con- venient shopping at Woodfield Mall. Only 45 minutes from the Chicago Loop. Luxurious and innovative living accommodations plus a full rage of recreational facilities for your to enjoy. Hovind, a Christian, chooses to Westbrookville NY wife swapping in Creationism and therefore rejects evolution.

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Other people — including Chris- tians and Jews — can just as reasonably Westbrkokville Creationism and choose to believe in evolu- tion. Although both sides can't be right, for the moment neither side swappingg be embarrassed by the comparative logic of their belief.

But in either case, the de- cision to believe Westbrookville NY wife swapping not believe a particular faith or philosophy is a crucial personal choice that can have sudden and extraordi- nary consequences.

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