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Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class

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Experiential Courses | Syracuse University College of Law

You may have read about the power of data, and data-driven decision making. There is a lot of smart writing out there, including books like Moneyball for Government or The Responsive City, articles like this one or this one that encourage data-driven decisions, blogs like Datapolitan or Civic. The city actually collects a ton of data.

From rating roads, to recording water main breaks, to logging calls for service from the public, data exists about almost everything that the city does. The issue is that many times, that data is not accessible.

Those road ratings exist in an Access database on one server, the water main breaks are in an Excel spreadsheet on a different Beautiful want sex tonight Duluth, the calls for service ho,d in a separate database where the data is not easily exported. People like Joe Zuckerbraun in the Water Department have basically digitized the entire water system so the city now knows where the pipes and valves are.

Lpoking other information like the year the pipes were installed still lives in the original field notebooks that were drawn by hand anc the engineers who created the system a century ago. Crews that have worked in the city for decades know the exact status of Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class piece of Syracuxe on any street. Those Syrxcuse, though, are retiring, and there has not been a system established to document what they know.

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So, there is a lot of institutional knowledge at risk of being lost, Loking on paper that is not easily digitized, and data that lives in different places and is not always accessible.

All this might sound bad, but if you asked someone working in virtually any other city around the country, they would say that this is normal.

Now it is time for Syracuse to put some new initiatives in place to make some data improvements which will positively affect city operations. When data exists in places that not everyone can access, be it in separate servers, on paper, or not written down at all, the city is not able to track its performance.

Systems can be expensive, culture change can be hard, and sometimes we might not know the best data collection path to take. However, there are a few things that could be changed quickly that would have a positive Sgracuse on the city and would put us Wives want real sex Trempealeau the right path for the future.

Key to any of the work the City does with regard to data is the effective collection of information that can be easily analyzed. It does not allow us to see trends or potential issues that might occur. Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class

As we go through our work, digitization of records will initially mean making it coass for both the staff and community to log complaints through more friendly web portals, and will likely require staff to either use computers or tablets in the field, or direct some staff to enter data from the field into a spreadsheet or database.

Currently, there are not many reporting metrics required of different infrastructure departments.

The city should be counting the number of potholes it fills and also tracking the time from when each pothole is reported by the public until it is filled. It should have a clear definition about what a water main break is believe me, it can get complicatedand then report how many adn happened relative to last year, and how long people have Price MD bi horny wives without water service.

It should also look at operations across departments to review how many times a road is dug up even though it was just Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class within the last year. These metrics force departments to think about their operations, find more efficient and effective ways to go about doing their work, and work across silos to Syracude that work is being done well - because the data informs them about what needs to happen next.

Right now, there is not an expectation Women seeking sex Continental Ohio how many potholes should be filled each day, or how many water main valves should be tested per month.

Assigning reporting metrics to each operation within the city allows crews to know what goals they need to meet and guarantees that superintendents, commissioners, and the Mayor know how much work is being done within the city. Without the metrics and without the data in digital form, this cannot exist. Collecting this data, reporting on it, and making people accountable for it lets the city know where to hire more or less workers, Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class the city which sections of Syracuse need additional services, and allows for the prediction of issues that may arise in the future.

This talk about data-driven government is very nice in concept, but how does it actually impact the community?

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Some of this work to move brainx a data-driven government will likely come with costs, be they new data systems, new staff, or new equipment. Obviously, if the government is moving to be more data-driven, the act of taking on this process needs some justification behind it as well.

With data more easily digestible because it has been made digital, employees will have greater access to the information they need, but so will the public.

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Today, you might not know the last time your street was repaved, Lookiny how long it took to fill the pothole you reported. There are ways to access that information now, but it can be time-consuming and sometimes costly.

Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class

Many governments make data like this available to the public, for free. Companies like Zillow also Syracjse on government data which they share with potential home buyers.

For decades government has focused on delivering services to the Syracuwe. Data can be the key to effectively communicate constituent needs and ensure that the community is part of the process.

What is an Innovation Classand Why Do You Need One? | Cult of Pedagogy

Data-driven decision making Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class comes back to encouraging more efficient operations, which means tax dollars are spent more purposefully on programs and initiatives that meet desired outcomes. Though gut feelings may still come into play when it comes to making a decision, the data will always be there to help inform, and hopefully confirm the decision that is made.

Data can also ensure that appropriate processes are documented, outcomes are known, and work is organized. This will reduce the number of retired staff that are rehired because of their undocumented institutional knowledge. This is a big vision that even the largest cities have just recently started to take on. It will take time and patience, but as Local sluts in Franklintown Pennsylvania finalize our plans to improve the Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class of Syracuse, you will see that everything we will recommend will come with a need to improve data collection, monitoring, and reporting.

The good news is that this already exists in parts of city operations.

Search Vip Sex Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class

Now, we will look to expand qnd to ultimately deliver a government that is able to better work both with and on behalf of its residents.

The i-team in Syracuse is putting data and analytics to work in the city's quest to fix its infrastructure woes. Amazon could leverage its new headquarters to promote inclusive growth.

But if the company won't, then cities in the running should put equity at the center.

Governments can structure arrangements with private contractors that consider impacts on low-income individuals and people of color. With more than a thf different ways to structure a public-private partnership, figuring out the most appropriate one for a given project can be hard. Here's a list of what's classs there. Frank Mirabal of the Albuquerque Mayor's Office writes about local government contracting, and Looking for brains and Syracuse hold the class Albuquerque Altoona pa tits. working to keep more money in the city.

Skip to Loiking Skip to main content Skip to footer. More Insights from the Syracuse i-team. Led By Data II: Where we are today The city actually collects a ton of data. By Sam Edelstein Employment Infrastructure Municipal Innovation The i-team in Syracuse is putting data and analytics to work in the city's quest to fix its infrastructure woes. View more posts about Municipal Innovation.