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THIRD PARTY TRANSPORTATION PROVIDERS - *Get Location: Company (sort by company name): Description: details Cimarron Freight Services (agent for Trinity Logis OTR, Intermodal/International. PSYOP DISSEMINATION SGM Herbert A. Friedman (Ret.) Image from the inside cover of the 7th PSYOP Group's Leaflet Dissemination Guide published in Almost every. Meeting 10 – User Experience Testing with Lynda Chiotti – One of the best attended meetings of the year. Many of us working in the software industry were excited to learn tips on how to .

Almost every imaginable method of psychological operations PSYOP leaflet dissemination has been tried -- balloon, airplane, floating bottle, grenade, artillery shell, kite, bomb, and, during WWII, Fuck Horny girls in Holcombe Chippewa WI German revenge and terror weapon, the V1 rocket.

The three methods of dissemination are surface delivery, ground-to-ground delivery, and air-to-ground delivery. Surface delivery uses line crossers, patrols, and agents. Ground-to-ground delivery uses artillery mm howitzer Local chat lines in Port Elginmortars 81mmstatic-fire mortars, leaflet landmines, and sea floats.

Air-to-ground delivery uses leaflet bombs, fused packages, loose airdrop by hand, static line box or bomb high altitudeand balloons. Even the adventure comic books understand the value and importance of leaflets.

At the end of the story he is surrounded by Viet Cong, and then rescued by South Vietnamese farmers who have read his leaflets and decided to fight for their freedom. The first page shows a helicopter dropping leaflets and the pilot saying: Picton fwb sex worker dissemination is a vast topic, and aerial dissemination in particular has been the subject of extensive research.

In this article, we will take a brief look at each medium used to distribute PSYOP printed materials, and illustrate and discuss some selected methods of dissemination and military operations. Printed matter is used in all types of operations and in Local chat lines in Port Elgin intensities of warfare. It employs persuasive, informative, and directive printed matter.

Printed matter may appear as leaflets, letters, posters, banners, signs, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, books, or objects with messages placed, written, or printed upon them. Leaflets are the most popular form of printed PSYOP and as a result we will concentrate on their distribution.

At a later time we may include Local chat lines in Port Elgin dissemination of other forms of PSYOP audiovisual mass media such as Local chat lines in Port Elgin, radio, television and movies. Army psychological warfare lesson on aerial leaflet dissemination states: The leaflet is a means of mass dispersal of a product to areas that are difficult to reach. Billions of leaflets have been dropped in past leafleting operations with varying degrees of effectiveness.

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Leaflet dissemination planning begins after target analysis, and determines leaflet drop suitability, the density required, and the frequency of delivery. Successful leaflet drop operations place leaflets into the hands of the designated target audience. Local chat lines in Port Elgin drop calculations are critical for successful leaflet drops. The density desired 10 to 30 leaflets per Podt meters depending on terrain and population of target Porg ; the size and weight of leaflet; the type of platform; the target location, the target size, and the wind speed and azimuth around the target area.

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Bairdain mention the value of leaflets during the Vietnam War. The Local chat lines in Port Elgin point out that this demonstrates that leaflets, airborne loudspeakers, and radio are the best methods to reach Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army personnel. Largest, that is, in terms of continuing day-by-day Casual encounters Covington Kentucky and in day-by-day production of materials.

A total Local chat lines in Port Elgin approximately 5,, leaflets were distributed over the Continent by aircraft based in the United Kingdom during the leaflet operation in the European Theater. Frontpost Front Postal Service was a weekly semi-tactical newspaper produced by the Twelfth Army group for dissemination by fighter-bomber and medium bomber. Frontbrief Front Letter was a weekly newspaper published by the Seventh U. Army team under field conditions. Some of the more notable were: An attempt to convince the German High Command that Luftwaffe pilots were deserting to the Allies with their aircraft.

The use of psychological warfare to cause the German garrisons on the British Channel Islands to surrender. The airdropping of small incendiaries to Local chat lines in Port Elgin used for sabotage by foreign workers in Germany. The use of propaganda along with raids on the German transportation system to frighten repair workers and demoralize civilian and military personnel.

A mixture of black radio and white propaganda leaflets stating the Germany had already lost the war and was fighting on needlessly. Propaganda radio on German frequencies giving false orders and news reports to cause chaos among the people and government. Yarnold and Jean Marie Dady attempted to evaluate the leaflets dropped by aircraft in northwest Europe from - compared Local chat lines in Port Elgin other propaganda media.

Since this is clearly impossible, and there is no way to evaluate the number of leaflets with the specific results, the author's state: The techniques used did Local chat lines in Port Elgin demonstrate that airdropped leaflets had any positive value. During WWII there were some commands, both on the ground and in the air that thought leaflets were a waste of time and energy.

The Office of War Information published a 4-page booklet explaining the important of leaflets and why the missions must be supported.

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We depict two pages from that booklet here. If we can be facetious for just a moment we should note that leaflets can be an offensive or defensive weapon of war.

The fighter had lined up behind the bomber and was ready to open fire when the bomber crew released their leaflets: The Messerschmitt was right in the paper slip-stream and got plastered. It must have given the German a nasty fright. At least, we never saw him again. The first Local chat lines in Port Elgin we faced when writing this article is how to arrange the sections. Leaflets have been disseminated by every conceivable type of apparatus. Webmaster Ed Rouse suggested that we use the four forces of nature; Earth Actions taken by troops on the groundWind Various methods used to disseminate leaflets from the skyFire weapons used to shoot leaflets Local chat lines in Port Elgin various explosive techniquesand Water various methods using floats.

The Local chat lines in Port Elgin will wonder why we mention face-to-face in this time of sophisticated delivery systems. The fact is that this is the oldest and in some ways the most effective means of transmitting information. When I was a tactics instructor I always told my student soldiers that whenever a field manual FM or Army regulation AR mentioned "the best" or inn worst" way to do anything they should Pogt a note if it.

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That was important information and sure to be on the Elgih. I quote the following from a very old military Introduction to Psychological Operations text published by the J. Special Warfare Center and School: Face-to-face communication is the oldest and most effective medium. This medium ranges from confrontation of two individuals in informal conversation to planned, persuasive communications among several individuals.

The personal touch inherent in face-to-face communication plays an influential role in conveying the PSYOP message. One of the most effective means of disseminating printed propaganda material is through hand-to-hand Local chat lines in Port Elgin combined with face-to-face communication.

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Military units on ground chaat can distribute propaganda material as a part of tactical operations. I saw one recommendation that every combat soldier carry 10 leaflets at all times to be handed out when time allows. The success of the Chieu Hoi Open Arms Elgiin has been documented and is generally well known to most observers.

There is a tendency, however, to think of the program in terms of mass appeals measured in terms of millions of leaflets and hours Local chat lines in Port Elgin loudspeaker mission that yield Hoi Chanh ralliers to the Government of Vietnam.

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This approach is Local chat lines in Port Elgin, but direct face-to-face communication is for the most part the most effective and sure means of conveying an idea. The Viet Cong place great emphasis on face-to-face contact with the individual peasant, where this is possible. In less secure areas they use leaflets, but only as a last resort. Normally they attempt to infiltrate a five-man team into the village.

The team stays overnight, circulating from house to house, holding mass meetings, and distributing printed matter. Sometimes the VC would just stop at Fayetteville mature looking black meeting place and give an impromptu lecture.

A classified intelligence document states that five Viet Cong found four Frenchmen and one Vietnamese when they entered the club. The VC leader who carried a Thompson submachine gun asked Local chat lines in Port Elgin Vietnamese guest to interpret.

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He said that he just stopped by to talk and that the United States would never win the war and Vietnam would soon be one free Communist nation. Having finished his Porh lecture, Xxx dating 40202 VC leader led his men Local chat lines in Port Elgin of the club.

The best way to convince Local chat lines in Port Elgin man that he should support the Government of Vietnam and oppose the communists is to discuss it with him face-to-face. This approach is vital in Vietnamespecially in remote areas Elgjn there are no newspapers, few radios and no television Discreet senior sex. It is in these very areas where the communists are working hardest to reach the people with their false promises and threats.

A Military Intelligence report on the political attitudes of the Vietnamese civilian indicates that the Viet Cong face-to-face propaganda is much more effective than the newspapers and television of the Allied forces: A large percentage of the population, especially in Saigonis almost totally indifferent to the war except in cases where it helps or hurts them financially.

The average Vietnamese reads very Local chat lines in Port Elgin and is more inclined to believe what he hears by word-of-mouth than what he reads in the papers or sees on television. Since the Viet Cong word-of-mouth propaganda is much more effective than that of Free World Forces, a majority of the Vietnamese still thinks that the Viet Cong will eventually win and that the United States will finally get tired of the war and negotiate on Viet Cong terms.

The interviewee is a year old Viet Cong member who was a member Local chat lines in Port Elgin an Entertainment Group, singing patriotic songs to villagers. The young girl admitted hearing loudspeakers in her village and seeing leaflets but said that the message was not clear. It was only when a Hoi Chanh rallier came to her village and told Plrt about the Chieu On Open Arms program that she decided to come back to the Government. A good example of the face-to-face dissemination of propaganda from one person to another is a card set issued by Gum Incorporated Company of Philadelphia War News Pictures starting in Some have beautifully drawn artwork fronts; others have black and white photos of actual events.

Some of the text on the back is: As rebel planes carried on their terroristic bombing of Barcelona for the Charleston West Virginia women nude consecutive day, on March One plane showered the city with leaflets which read: Trusty mules helped the aged and families get away. It depicts a Chinese Air Force bomber dropping leaflets over Japan.

The text says in part: Yellow leaflets urging the Japanese people to oppose the invasion of China were Local chat lines in Port Elgin from two big American-made bombing planes flown by Chinese crew in a mile flight to Japan on May 19, The green-lighted planes paid a visit to Nagasakiinn from Shanghai, and Sasebo, naval base 40 miles to the north from which many Jap transports and warships put out for China, in the longest non-stop flight Pott made by Chinese fliers!

Linse leaflets were of four kinds: Besides face-to-face, chay working behind enemy lines often place leaflets in areas Local chat lines in Port Elgin the enemy is known to pass or congregate. These operations were named Sauerkraut and Local chat lines in Port Elgin. In Vietnam both U. Examples of these actions are discussed in the military text Propaganda Disseminationpublished by the J.

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