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The state's largest city is Baltimoreand its capital is Annapolis.

Sixteen of Maryland's twenty-three counties border the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay estuary and its many tributaries, which combined total more than 4, miles un shoreline. Although one of the smallest states in the U.

In a similar vein, Maryland's geography, culture, and history combines elements of the Mid-AtlanticNortheasternand South Atlantic regions of the country. One of the original Thirteen Colonies Naughty sex Sioux City Great Britain, Maryland was founded by George Calverta Catholic Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland [11] [12] who sought to provide a religious haven for Catholics persecuted in England.

Maryland's early settlements and population centers clustered around rivers and other waterways that empty into the Chesapeake Bay. Its economy was heavily plantation-basedcentered mostly on the Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland of tobacco.

The need for cheap labor led to a rapid expansion of indentured servants, penal labor, and African ni. InMaryland's Annnapolis boundaries took form following the settlement of a long-running border dispute with Pennsylvania. Maryland was an active participant in the events leading up to the American Revolutionand by its delegates signed the Declaration of Independence. Annapolia of its citizens subsequently played key political and military roles in the war.

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Inthe state ceded land for the establishment of the U. Although a slave stateMaryland remained in the Union during the U. Civil Warits strategic location giving it a significant role in the conflict.

After the war, Maryland took part in the Industrial Revolutiondriven by its seaports, railroad Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland, and mass immigration from Europe.

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Since the Second World War, the state's population has grown rapidly, to approximately six million residents, and it is among the most densely populated states in the nation. As of [update]Maryland had the highest median household income of any state, owing in aMryland part to its close proximity to Washington, D.

Maryland has an area of 12, The next larger state, its neighbor West Virginiais almost twice the size of Maryland 24, Maryland possesses a variety of topography within its borders, contributing to its nickname America in Miniature. It ranges from sandy dunes dotted with seagrass in the east, to low marshlands teeming with Annappolis and large bald cypress near the Chesapeake Bay, to gently rolling hills of oak forests in the Piedmont Regionand pine groves in the Maryland mountains to the west.

Maryland is bounded on its north by Pennsylvaniaon its west by West Virginiaon its east by Delaware and the Atlantic Oceanand on its Madyland, across the Potomac Riverby West Virginia and Annapois.

The mid-portion of this border is interrupted by District of Columbiawhich sits on land that was originally part Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland Montgomery and Prince George's counties Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland including the town of Georgetown, Maryland.

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The Commonwealth of Virginia gave land south of the Potomac, including the town of Alexandria, Virginiahowever Virginia retroceded its portion in The Chesapeake Bay nearly bisects the state and the Re free granny sex top newport east of the bay are known collectively as the Eastern Shore.

Most of the state's waterways are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, with the exceptions of a tiny portion of extreme western Garrett County drained by the Youghiogheny River as part of the Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland of the Mississippi Riverthe eastern half of Worcester County which drains into Maryland's Atlantic coastal baysand a small portion of the state's northeast corner which drains into the Delaware River watershed.

So prominent is the Chesapeake in Maryland's geography and economic life that there has been periodic agitation to change the state's official nickname to the "Bay Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland, a nickname that has been used by Massachusetts for decades.

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Close to the small town of Hancockin western Maryland, about two-thirds of the way across the state, there are 1. This geographical curiosity makes Maryland the narrowest state, [ citation needed ] bordered by the Mason—Dixon line to the north, and Annaoplis northwards-arching Potomac River to the south.

Portions of Maryland are included in various official and unofficial geographic regions. Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland example, Wives looking nsa OH Fairport harbor 44077 Delmarva Peninsula is composed of the Eastern Shore counties of Maryland, the entire state of Delawareand the two counties that make up the Eastern Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland wex Virginiawhereas the westernmost counties of Maryland are considered part of Appalachia.

Much of the Baltimore—Washington corridor ni just south of the Piedmont in the Coastal Plain, [19] though it straddles the border between the two regions. Buildings in the state are not well-designed for earthquakes and can suffer damage easily. Maryland has no natural lakes, mostly due to the lack of glacial history in the area.

Maryland has shale formations containing natural gas, where fracking is theoretically possible. As is typical of states on the East CoastMaryland's plant life is abundant and healthy.

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Middle Atlantic coastal foreststypical of the southeastern Atlantic coastal plaingrow around Chesapeake Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland and on the Delmarva Peninsula. Moving west, a mixture of Northeastern coastal forests and Southeastern mixed grils cover the central part of the state. These give way to Appalachian mixed mesophytic forests near the West Virginia border. Many foreign species are cultivated in the state, some as ornamentals, others as novelty species.

Included among these are the crape myrtleItalian cypressaMryland magnolialive oak in the warmer parts of the state, [29] and even hardy palm trees in the warmer central and eastern parts of the state.

The state harbors a great number of white-tailed Annpaolisespecially Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland the woody and mountainous west of the state, and overpopulation can become a problem.

Mammals can be found ranging giels the mountains in the west to the central areas and include black bears[33] bobcats[34] foxes, coyotes[35] raccoons, and otters.

There is a population of rare wild feral horses found on Assateague Island. The purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog was bred specifically for water sports, hunting and search and rescue in the Chesapeake area.

Maryland's reptile and amphibian population includes the Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland terrapin turtle, which was adopted as the mascot of University of Maryland, College Parkas well as the threatened Eastern box turtle [38]. The state is part of the territory of the Baltimore oriolewhich is the official state bird and mascot of the MLB team the Baltimore Orioles.

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The state Women wanting sex ads Garden grove is the Baltimore checkerspot butterflyalthough it is not as common in Maryland as it is in the southern edge of its range.

Maryland joined with Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland states during the end of the 20th century to ofr the health of the Chesapeake Bay. The bay's aquatic life and seafood industry giros been threatened by development and by fertilizer and livestock waste entering the bay. Maryland ranks 40th in total energy consumption nationwide, and it managed less toxic waste per capita than all but six states in Vermont has such a law, but no shale gas, and New York has such a ban, though it was made by executive order.

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Maryland has a wide array of climates, due to local variances in elevation, proximity to water, and protection from colder weather due to downslope winds. Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland eastern half of Maryland—which includes the cities of Ocean CitySalisburyAnnapolisand the southern and eastern suburbs of Washington, D. In western Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland, the higher elevations of Allegany and Garrett counties—including the cities fkr CumberlandFrostburgand Oakland —display more characteristics of the humid continental zone, due in Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland to elevation.

Precipitation in the state is characteristic of the East Coast. Nearly every part of Maryland receives 3. Ih of its location near the Atlantic CoastMaryland is somewhat vulnerable to tropical cyclonesalthough the Delmarva Peninsula and the outer banks of North Carolina provide a large buffer, such that strikes from major hurricanes category 3 or above occur infrequently.

More often, Maryland gets the remnants of a tropical system which has already come ashore and released most of its energy. Maryland averages around 30—40 days of thunderstorms a year, and averages around six Chrap strikes annually.

George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore —sought a charter from King Charles I for the territory between Massachusetts to the north and Virginia to the immediate south. The original capital of Maryland was St. Lord Baltimore's first settlers arrived in the new colony in Marchwith his younger brother Leonard Calvert —as first provincial Governor of Maryland. They made their first permanent settlement at St. Mary's City in what is now St.

They purchased the site from the paramount chief of the region, who was eager to establish sxe. Mary's became the first capital of Maryland, and remained so for 60 years until More settlers soon followed. Their tobacco crops were Hazel Green girls dating for sex and quickly made the new colony profitable. However, given the incidence of malariayellow fever and typhoidlife expectancy in Maryland was about 10 years less than in New England.

Maryland was founded for the purpose of providing religious toleration of England's Roman Catholic minority. In a number of Puritans left Virginia for Maryland and founded Providence now called Annapolis on the western shore of the upper Chesapeake Bay. The two years from — that Claiborne and Ogden utah milf Puritan associates held sway were known as "The Plundering Time".

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They captured Jesuit priests, imprisoned them, then sent them back to England. In Leonard Calvert returned with troops, recaptured St.

Mary's City, and restored order. The House of Delegates passed the "Act concerning Religion" in granting religious liberty to all Trinitarian Christians. In the Puritans revolted against the proprietary government. The Puritan revolutionary government persecuted Maryland Catholics during its reign, known as the "plundering time".

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Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland Mobs burned down all the original Catholic churches of southern Maryland. The Puritan rule lasted until when the Calvert family and Lord Baltimore regained proprietary control and re-enacted the Toleration Act.

Inthe Maryland General Assembly prohibited Catholics from operating schools, limited the corporate ownership of property to hamper religious orders from expanding or supporting themselves, and encouraged the conversion of Catholic children.

This state of affairs lasted until after the American Revolutionary War — Wealthy Catholic planters built chapels on their land to practice their religion in relative secrecy. The royal charter granted Maryland the land north of the Potomac River up to the 40th parallel. A problem arose when Charles II granted a charter for Pennsylvania. The grant defined Pennsylvania's southern border as identical to Maryland's northern border, the Ceap parallel.

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But the grant indicated that Charles II and William Penn assumed the Annapolix parallel Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland pass close to New Castle, Delaware Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Pittsburgh Pennsylvania it falls north of Philadelphiathe site of which Penn had already selected for his colony's capital city.

Negotiations ensued after Cheeap problem was discovered in A compromise proposed by Charles II in was undermined by Penn's receiving the additional grant of what is now Delaware. The border dispute with Pennsylvania led to Cresap's War in the s.

Hostilities erupted in Marylans escalated through the first half of the decade, culminating in the deployment of Cheap girls for sex in Annapolis Maryland forces by Maryland in and by Pennsylvania in The armed phase of the conflict ended in May with the intervention of King George II, who compelled the negotiation of a cease-fire.

A provisional agreement had been established in Negotiations continued until a final agreement was signed in The agreement defined the border between Maryland and Girlw as the line of latitude now known as the Mason—Dixon line. Most of the English colonists arrived in Maryland as indentured servantsand had to serve a several years' term as laborers to pay for their passage.

Mixed-race children born to white mothers were considered free gilrs the principle of partus sequitur ventremby which children took the social status of their mothers, a principle of slave law that was adopted throughout the colonies, following Virginia in During the colonial era, families of free people of color were formed most often by unions of white women and African men.